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Claire Redfield Costume From Resident Evil

Claire Redfield is the younger sister of Chris Redfield, and battlefield partner of the veteran DSO Officer Leon Kennedy. A brave and independent woman, Claire is one of the main protagonists in the Resident Evil franchise. She is one of the trendsetting women who were not just damsels in distress while the men around her took care of business. One of the strongest and smartest fighters risking her life to save the world from zombies, deadly viruses and mad scientists, Claire is a role model for every woman out there.

Claire is not just famous for her bravery and fighting skills but is also a fashion icon. Her outfits throughout her journey are admired by everyone who lays their eyes in them, instantly falling in love. The Resident Evil Claire Redfield Infinite Darkness Jacket serves as proof of how stylish this woman dresses while effortlessly saving the world from danger. Any Claire Redfield costume is the best fit for any occasion as this Terrasave operative effortlessly carries herself throughout the world full of danger.