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Resident Evil Vest

Vests are an innovation in the world of fashion. They provide comfort and warmth equal to jackets but more practical and functional thanks to the absence of sleeves. They provide freedom of movement and releases restrictions on the arms while doing everything a jacket does. Seeing how practical vests are, they are an obvious choice for Leon and the gang. Resident Evil is based on survival, where one must face hordes of zombies, while also fighting evil villains. Vests are the perfect option for such a time, as they allow freedom of movement alongside all the perks of comfort and style.

To dress like your favorite characters from the video game, Resident Evil vests are the perfect option. These vests are extremely stylish, yet very practical. The perfect way to embody the spirit of your favorite character, these cosplay items allow you to channel your inner fighter with all the style they have to offer. Vests such as the Resident Evil 6 Video Game Leon Kennedy Leather Vest are great for any and all occasions, as they give you the 100% screen-accurate look of your favorite character while providing optimum comfort.