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Resident Evil Coat

Adding a layer of protection to any outfit is never a bad idea. The Resident Evil franchise is based on the foundation of survival against evil scientists, cultists, and many other aspects. All these heroes and villains are seen throughout the series trying to outsmart one another and trying to gain the upper hand. Even in these times of action, the beloved characters and villains from Resident Evil are seen dressing up impressively. Their outfits are often highlighted with an essential part which is the Resident Evil coats. These coats are a highly fashionable choice, as they represent the character itself, while giving a stylish addition to their look.

Resident Evil Coats are 100% screen-accurate, designed to help you look just like your favorite character. With coats like the Albert Wesker Resident Evil 5 Black Trench Coat Costume or the Ada Wong Resident Evil 2 Trench Coat, you can look just like your favorite character from Resident Evil. These coats are a splendid addition to any wardrobe, as they are highly versatile and practical. What makes them special is the fact that these coats were worn during crucial times by the characters of Resident Evil, which shall help you channel the same courage and style your favorite character did in the face of danger.