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Women's Resident Evil Costume

Resident Evil is a ground-breaking series of video games that has changed the role of women. Instead of portraying them as silly damsels in distress, or sexualizing them, women are given a role to fight in the frontlines. Characters such as Ada Wong, Claire Redfield, Ashley Graham, Jill Valentine, and many others are more than capable of handling themselves on the battlefield, holding their ground. These women are role models for the little girls to come, as they teach them how to stand up for themselves and serve as an independent part of society.

Even in the face of such hardships and matters of life and death, these characters are always dressed their best, looking spectacular. Their outfits are a huge source of inspiration for cosplay artists, as well as people looking for something stylish to wear. Resident Evil Costumes for Women are a great way to enhance any wardrobe with the best collection of jackets and coats. Cosplays such as the Ada Wong Cosplay are highly wanted by fans all over the world, so that they may be able to channel their inner Resident Evil character.