Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley Graham Blazer

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Resident Evil 4 Remake Ashley Graham Blazer

Ashley Graham made her first and only appearance in the video game Resident Evil 4. She also returned for the remake, playing a vital role. During her adventure with Leon Kennedy, Ashley is seen wearing a brown blazer which has attracted a lot of attention. This screen accurate brown blazer is made up of suede, with an inner lining of soft viscose. The front features vintage style buttons for closure alongside a lapel style collar. The blazer offers a total of 4 pockets, with two on the outside, and two inside. The sleeves of the blazer are full length with rounded button cuffs.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is the daughter of the sitting President Graham. She appears in Resident Evil 4, where the Spanish religious cult Los Iluminados kidnap her for their evil objectives. Leon Kennedy is tasked with rescuing her, saving her from danger with a little help from Ada Wong. Ashley follows Leon throughout the game, as Leon leads her to safety while defeating the cult, all till their home. Even though she did not participate in battle, Ashley played a vital role in the game, keeping an eye out for danger and warning Leon as soon as threat approached.

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