Resident Evil 4 Leon Kennedy Jacket

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Resident Evil 4 Leon Kennedy Jacket

Leon Kennedy is the prime example of how to mix practicality with style. Every outfit he is seen wearing is an instant hit. Each Leon Kennedy jacket is an example of high-end fashion mixed with practicality. The Resident Evil 4 Leon Kennedy Jacket is no exception. This screen accurate jacket is made of genuine leather, with a shearling lining inside. The front has a YKK zipper for closure and a belted collar on top. The sleeves, collar, and waist are lined with sherpa to keep you warm. The front of this jacket has 2 pockets with a lot of storage space. Also, there are buckles at the waist of the jacket, that shall help you to adjust the fit according to your liking.

The Leon Kennedy jacket is a complete replica of the one seen on the famous video game “Resident Evil 4,” worn by Leon Kennedy. Crafted with care and precision, this Leon Kennedy leather jacket contains all the details as seen in the video game. From the placement of the buckles on the waist to the location of the pockets, and even the firmness and look of the collar are all accurate and coordinated according to how it is displayed on screen.

Leon Kennedy

Leon Kennedy is a veteran DSO Agent, tasked with saving the world from danger. Always seen battling hordes of zombies, Leon is a calm and collected agent, operating with experience in the most dangerous situations. Even in this line of work, he is a cool and collected human with a soft heart. His empathy and kindness have always helped him through hardships, aiding him to navigate through the treacherous world.

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